The Big Game Came to Us (Super Bowl LVII)

Early in 2023, Super Bowl LVII took place at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. State Farm, a major US insurance company, took it as an opportunity to revolutionise how businesses use naming rights to drive audience awareness. Departing from the traditional Big Game TV, their strategy centred on a TikTok-focused, social media-driven approach to engage with fans both at the game and watching at home. 

Teaming up with notable TikTokers including Khaby Lame, one of TikTok’s most-followed users, The Big Game Came to Us was born. State Farm enlisted Infinity Marketing Team, a member of the Pico Group, to oversee the project’s concept development, creative design, social media strategy, influencer management and execution.



The project team wanted to redefine how companies could leverage naming rights to drive groundbreaking awareness during the United States’ premiere sporting event. With The Big Game Came to Us, the team would opt out of a traditional Big Game TV advertisement and take their spot to TikTok, ‘doubling down’ on their naming rights and demonstrating how they compete with – and potentially surpass – average US Big Game live viewership with a single post.

To accomplish this feat, the team implemented an influencer marketing strategy and linear and streaming integration, strategically partnering with one of the world’s most-followed TikTok creators, Khaby Lame to target millennials and Gen Z audiences. Combining Khaby with State Farm’s own Jake From State Farm, the pair would tell a provocative story via TikTok that would drive both PR and earned media opportunities around naming rights in a way never before experienced. Over 220 million viewers watched the Khaby Lame-Jake from State Farm TikTok post, a number that far surpassed the US Super Bowl live viewership.


Recognising that younger audiences often engage in multiple forms of entertainment simultaneously, the project team eschewed the traditional TV advertisement in favour of a TikTok spot that reaches a wider audience and offers direct communication with the target audience.

Hero Post and #StateFarmStadiumChallenge
To sustain the campaign narrative on game day, the project team devised one TikTok Hero Post and a compelling call-to-action #StateFarmStadiumChallenge to motivate TikTok users to engage with the content organically. Khaby Lame and Jake collaborated in a playful manner through a series of posts on Jake From State Farm channels, generating excitement and curiosity around the Hero Post and the #StateFarmStadiumChallenge. 

The campaign was gamified, with viewers invited to listen to the game broadcast, follow the company mascot, and guess the number of times ‘State Farm’ would be mentioned for a chance to appear in one of Khaby’s TikTok videos. To increase the Hero Post engagement, the project team modified TikTok content for use in broadcast and streaming. A QR code was also created to drive traffic from external placements directly to the post, integrating linear and streaming platforms such as YouTube, HBO Max, Warner Bros. Discovery, etc. 

360-degree out-of-home campaign
A colossal 360-degree out-of-home campaign was activated at Westgate Entertainment District, adjacent to State Farm Stadium, targeting Super Bowl attendees and the general public. Reaching more than 250,000 in-person visitors, the campaign was displayed on eight high-resolution LED ribbon boards and two state-of-the-art LED pylons at the heart of the complex, amounting to 17,000 sq. ft. of State Farm real estate. Framed by 360 degrees of State Farm branding, QR codes fostered engagement and increased Hero Post viewership.


The innovative Khaby Lame-State Farm Big Game campaign redefined how naming rights can be harnessed to drive groundbreaking awareness during one of America’s premier sporting events. The outcome far exceeded client expectations:

The TikTok Hero post:

  • Views: 220 million+ views (more than double the pre-campaign goal of 100 million)
  • Likes: 1.3 million+
  • Comments: 19,000+
  • Shares: 5,000+
  • Saves: 12,000+

360-degree out-of-home campaign:

  • A dynamic digital animation ran for over 4,000 minutes and generated more than a million impressions in 28 days

Earned media:

  • Total impressions: 1,055 million+ (100% positive or neutral)